NAME NECKLACES KIDS - Gold and silver

Silver Name necklaces are not just for adults and teens, but also for your kids. Kids name necklaces are the perfect present from gramps, granny, mum, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, godmother or godfather. A silver kids name necklace is more than a personal gift; a name necklace for kids is also a very long-lasting one, a gift they will wear for years.

All names and many different fonts for kids name necklaces

We make the silver kids name necklace specially for you with the name or names you want! We can make all names and you can choose from a many different fonts. Pick between a gold kids name necklace or a silver kids name necklace. We make our gold name necklaces from 14 carat gold and for the silver name necklaces we use only highest grade sterling silver. A name necklace for kids always comes complete with a chain!

Quick delivery and no shipping costs for kids name necklaces

Your kids name necklace is sent from our studio within four days. Depending on the postal service, you will receive your silver kids name necklace another 5-8 working days later. We do not charge you any shipping costs!

Super quality at a low price

We make kids name necklaces of excellent quality at very low prices. All our kids name necklacesare finished to perfection and it looks sensational! Browse around and order your kids name necklace today!