Name Necklace Silver


We make our silver name necklaces from the highest grade of sterling silver, 925/1000. This is the finest quality. Silver is a soft, white, natural precious metal. It is durable; it does not rust or decay. Silver is easy to work because it is a soft metal.
Silver is mined in Canada, the United States, South America and Australia. In contrast to gold, silver is seldom found in its pure, native form. It is usually found in combination with non-precious metals such as lead and copper. The blend undergoes refining to separate the pure silver from the other metals.
Pure silver is too soft to be made into a silver name necklace or utensils. It would wear thin or bend too easily. To solve this, silver is melted together with other metals, such as copper. This yields an alloy. The amount of pure silver in an alloy determines the silver grade. The silver grade that we use for a name necklaceis 92.5%; we make our silver name necklaces from the highest grade sterling silver.

Silver name necklace - One name or two

A silver name necklace with one name is nice. But if you want to have a silver name necklace with two names, you can! It’s perfect if you have a double name or if you want to wear your name together with the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend, if the name necklace is a gift for your girlfriend, or if you want to have your children’s names in a silver name necklace. Any or all are possible, as are accents and other markings. Hearts link the two names in the silver name necklace.


Silver kids name necklaces are not just for adults and teens, but also for children. Silver name necklaces are the perfect present from gramps, granny, mum, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, godmother or godfather. A silver kids name necklace is more than a personal gift; it is also a very long-lasting one, a gift they will wear for years.

Name necklace - All names and many different fonts

We make the silver name necklace specially for you with the name or names you want! We can make all names and you can choose from a great many different fonts. We make our gold name necklaces from 14 carat gold and for the silver name necklaces we use only highest grade sterling silver. A silver name necklace always comes complete with a chain!

Quick delivery and no shipping costs

Your silver name necklace is sent from our studio within four days. The exact date of delivery depends on the postal service. Usually delivery takes place within 5-8 working days after we have send your order. And when you order from us, you don’t pay any shipping costs!
Super quality at a low price
We make silver name necklaces of excellent quality at very low prices. All our silver name necklaces are finished to perfection and it looks sensational! Browse around and order your silver name necklace today!